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As I was reading ALMOST THERE, ALMOST, I can recall literally laughing out loud, talking to myself, crying to myself, crying out loud, putting down the book and walking away, thinking there is no way all these things could happen, picking it back up because I had to know what else would happen, and also identifying with a few of the issues that affect us ALL! I thought Sylvia was special, a real performer, and ARTIST, no doubt. I thought she was nice, sweet, encouraging, and she most definitely IS... The book tells of a woman and life that is SO amazing and crazy and HUMAN, that just seeing Sylvia, you would NOT have a clue! Just talking with her, SURE she's amazing, but still NO CLUE. The content caught me off guard and I loved that. It took me places, that I have and have not been, I loved that. It took me back to some places, I thought I was OVER, but emotions flooded out of me like a waterfall at times. I actually called to laugh and cry and thank her for allowing me to do so! Thanked her for sharing things that, although I knew I was not alone in experiencing, I felt alone in experiencing it in MY WORLD and I now know I am not alone. This is what this book will do for MANY. It's a book for all and a story that inspires you to dare to DO and BE exactly who you want to be! Sylvia Traymore Morrison is not just ALMOST THERE, she is THERE! :-)

Monique Cole 

I think it's funny that you got excited when you had reached 500 Facebook friends. Now you have over 2,800. That doesn't surprise me at all, because you are SUCH a woman of God and I look forward to Him doing so many more huge things for you. 

Your book: I got it last night. Today I thought that I would begin reading just a little bit of it while I was taking a break eating...that was at 3:30p.m. CST this afternoon. From that point forward, I NEVER, not once, set down that book, until I had finished reading the absolute last page (yeah, the "About the Author" one) at 8:30p.m. tonight. It's so funny, because when I got it from the post office last night, I had told my "little sister" about it. So while I was driving, her gasps and "OH MY GOODNESS!!"s, JUST from looking at the titles in the Table of Contents and reading little tidbits caused me to make her put it down because I didn't want her to ruin anything for me (She's almost 19 by-the-way). With such excitement she literally was like "Oh my goodness! I can't WAIT til you're done with it so I can read it!

Your book is breathtakingly inspiring and sobering. I was already looking up to you from the time I met you, but now you've inspired me SO MUCH more to keep striving for what I KNOW God has in store for me.
Shari T. 

Great Book! I missed a full day of Sunday football games reading this book. If the hardcover book has pics, I'm buying that one too!

Hey Sylvia! Wowwww! What a ride I had reading your book Almost There, Almost! Girrl I was feeling your love, your joy, your pain and your sorrows! You have been thru the fire! Congratulations for all your triumphs! Girl you're still standing and guess what? God ain't thru with you yet!

Awesome read - this book has truly inspired me...Sylvia Bunny Traymore Morrison's captivating autobiography had me read from beginning to end in one day...I simply could not put it down. Morrison's tale of triumphs and setbacks truly shows the reader that life is a teacher and she has certainly been an astute student. The book helped me to reflect more positively on mistakes I've made in the past, to be honest with myself and to turn negatives into positives so others will learn from the mistakes you've made.