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Please enjoy.

Please forgive the long post but it simply must be said: sylvia, i picked up your book today and didn't put it down until i finished every word. so amazing! i can't imagine how scary, overwhelming, exciting, and uncertain you must have felt taking on the task of putting your life on paper. you are truly blessed by God (altho i know you are intimately aware of that fact). ur willingness to open your heart and life to complete strangers in this form is just a testament to how amazing you truly are. i always say that life is a series of decisions that either push you forward, hold you back or keep you standing still. your book just illustrated for me what can happen when you choose to make those decisions that will propel you forward in life. i've been sitting here the past few weeks wondering why things haven't turned out the way they thought i would. why doesn't the man i love return it? why have i not achieved the things in life i thought i would by this time? why must my health be tested? etc. and after seeing you on wednesday, and reading your book today i'm now asking why has God chosen to bless me by placing you in my life? i know the answer...it's to remind me that He hasn't forgotten me and that it's not over until He determines it to be so. i love you sylvia! you'll likely never hear all of the thanks and love from all the people you've touched in your life. but since i have a chance to tell you, i wanted to make sure you knew!

Hello Sylvia!! I wanted to say that I was one of the many who purchased your book at New Horizon Christian Church and I am half way through the book...If only there were a few more hours in my day I could finish it. I can barely put the book down. I am inspired!! A great read...I have laughed and cried!! I'm soooo inspired!! You have lived and are living and that is what I want to do....To Live!! Not that everything was easy for you...not in the least...based on what I have read...but you dared and you were bold!! You Go Girl!!!! Thanks for sharing!! To all who view this page...Almost There, Almost is a must read!!

Bunnye, your book should come with a warning, don’t initiate reading until you have the time luxury to continue through to the end. 
Purchased the book from you on Friday to commence reading where I stopped when using my daughter’s kindle, however, wanted to wait for a block of time long enough to read until to the end. Big Mistake, read through my husband’s breakfast preparation and service, health buddy check, morning snack, and our meds. My emotions bounced from “pillow to post” and at the same time this body stayed bent over like a very hungry person while I devour each word until I reached the book’s end! Must read that book it again, maybe with a group of ladies in a luxurious spar hotel where we could hibernate, rejuvenate, strategize and fantasize about how we would have handle your exciting adventures. How does this sound, “A Spa Weekend with Almost There Almost."