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MICHAEL VICK on the subject of Her Excellency from Ghana:  

 nothing about this article surprises me.

You stated she's quiet kind nice and regal but then again so are you.
Sis not only are you beautiful and extremely talented, to top it all off you are good people.
Your ears should ring alot because I tell people all of the time your incredible talents will blow their minds!




“I want everyone in this room to hear this. Sylvia, you are the true definition of Unsung. Dick Gregory and I did a radio show together for 11 years. I cannot tell you how many times he brought your name up. He was a huge fan of yours and so am I.” - Cathy Hughes - TV One - 2019”



Your book is breathtakingly inspiring and sobering. I was already looking up to you from the time I met you, but now you've inspired me SO MUCH more to keep striving for what I KNOW God has in store for me. 






Man everyone is ranting and raving about you this morning.  You are a rare gem that everyone is just discovering.  Glad I found you first lol -




I had the privilege of talking to one of the greatest this morning.

She dropped so much knowledge on me, it means the world to me to have a star to take the time to just chat with me via phone call. Do ur homework ppl 40 yrs of blood sweat n tears. Btw cop her book cause I did!!!!


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