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"She was backstage, ready to perform, when it started,” recalls Joe LaGuardia, who at the time was public relations director at the fair. Impressionist Sylvia Traymore had just finished her comedy act when the heavens opened and “a solid sheet of rain started to fall,” as The Post-Standard reported. “Suddenly a bolt of lightning lit up the stage and thunder rumbled in the distance."

- Hard rain: Whitney Houston at the New York State Fair

"Almost There, Almost, is an easy read for the most part. The tone is casual and relaxed – just like Sylvia's demeanor in person. (Meeting Sylvia was possibly the most fun I’ve had all year.) This book promises you two things: it was written by a funny person and it was written by a great person. You can't go wrong."

- "Read a F*cking Book: Sylvia Traymore Morrison's 'Almost There, Almost'" on Autostraddle

Sylvia Traymore Morrison: The Woman of 1000 Voices

Hailed as the Queen of Impressions Sylvia Traymore Morrison speaks to JC about her new book Almost There, Almost, her time headlining for Whitney Houston and she also does a few impressions.

Best Monique / Wendy W. impressions ever on Street Senators Radio Show

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